Helo Watch Review

Discover For Yourself This Mind Blowing Wearable Technology Bracelet!

Welcome to the World Global Network Helo Watch phenomenon! Take a quick peek at the following brief video intro so you can see what this wearable device can do for you:

Helo Wristband 2 Minute Intro

The below video describes a certain “health hack” as featured on Fox 3 that can put you on the path to better health by giving you the knowledge needed to make the BEST decisions necessary for your maximum benefit.

Helo Watch on Fox News


For a quick and dirty Helo Overview that describes Form and Function of the Helo device and lets you know just what this thing gives you in one tiny wristband, watch the below 7 minute presentation.

Helo Bracelet 7 Minute Overview

There is just a certainty you get by looking at a visual display of a product comparison chart. Please take your time and contemplate the below info-graphic to get an overall sense of how extensive and how deep this product goes in what it offers you on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and over a lifetime. Remember, as time goes on, your Helo watch will get updates with more features added so your device will literally increase in value the longer you have it!

helo vs fitbit
Helo Vs Fitbit and other industry leading health watches.

Clearly this little piece of technology is out in front when it comes to what it offers you… Especially when you put it next to the FitBit and other types of wearable technology devices that monitor your health and other related information that helps you optimize your health and lifestyle.

The World Helo wristband is an incredible advancement with the sky as the limit in what it both can do for you and what it is capable of evolving into! …with it’s TOSHIBA processor and it’s smartphone app connectivity not to mention it’s sleek and beautiful design, the Helo Watch is here and it is blowing away it’s competition!

Check Out WristBand Purchasing Options

helo watch

The Helo Bracelet price is $320. As you can see, the immense value you are getting out of this wristband for under the cost of the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Surge.

There are many Helo bracelet reviews on the internet but none are quite as complete as the youtube presentation as found on the previous link provided. I highly recommend you check it out before deciding to buy the helo wristband.